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The combines all of the common features with bolt or base bound, select coupling option and adds advanced features found in the most capable shaft alignment systems such as machine train, live move mode in any angle and many points mode or uninterrupted measurement method depending on user goals

VLSAT is available for

Laser Shaft Alignment Tool for android

Android® tablets

Laser Shaft Alignment Tool for Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows®

Laser Shaft Alignment Tool ios

iOS® for iPad

Laser Shaft Alignment Tools

How To Use

Select tolerances or enter your tolerance values. Select coupling type (machine).

Insert the dimensions. Select which pairs of feet are locked

Take a measurement by turning the sensors.

Measurement results. Save the results by tapping the diskette icon

Live aligning in any angle position of the measuring units.

Save report.Select photo or logo.


Horizontal Alignment

A brand-new step by step, intuitive interface with 3D animation simplifies the operator's work and reduces time spent on alignment. A unique memory management system allows you to save progress at any stage of the process and resume whenever you want


The measured values are automatically recorded during shaft rotation. With hundreds of points registered SmartSpin provides the greatest possible repeatability of measurements. You can start measuring at any shaft position.


Take measurements at any three positions of the shaft rotation. Turn shafts in any direction at least by 20 degrees and register the results. This mode is extremely helpful when the clock method is off limits.

Soft Foot Check

Adjust machine feet beforehand for better results. Soft foot check option is designed specically for this job. The program analyzes the position of machine feet, indicates if any of them need adjustment, and saves all values for the further work.

Select Coupling Type

This option allows you to specify the coupling type used for shaft connection – i.e., short flex or spacer shaft.

User Defined Tolerance

Specify the alignment tolerance and user definnable tolerances in advance according to the machine rotation speed.


VibeDr filters vibration related influences that can negatively impact precision alignment thus insuring the machines in the same proximity do not adversely effect your alignment job.

Save Job

Save Job Feature - Allows user save alignment job status at any time and return to the job at a later time

Thermal Growth Expansion

Automatic compensation system for the thermal growth expansion of machines allows to keep the effciency of alignment in any environment.

Live Move Mode

Allows live aligning in any angle position of the measuring units. When it is not possible to install the measuring units strictly in the 9–12–3 hours position.

Repeatability Table

Allows choose any from the last 10 measurements that you have taken based on which further actions will be carried out

Clock Method

The 9-12-3 o'clock method is the basic method for taking measurements. It requires a clear set of units at the 9, 12 and 3 o'clock positions.


This multipoint method allows you to record an unlimited number of points at any sector of the shaft circumference. It is perfect for centering turbines and machines with sleeve bearings.

Vertical/Flange Mounted Machines

Measure and align vertical and flange machines with a program specially created for this purpose.

Bolt or Base Bound

Get any pair of feet locked on the machine. Enabling this option will ensure precise results when aligning base-bound or bolt-bound machines.

Machine Train

Enable this option and align shafts of up to five machines that are connected together


Keep the alignment precise under any circumstances. The averaging filter reduced the influence of external visual challenges such as lighting, steam, and other visually impairing variables while taking measurements.

Sensor Readings

Monitor the data coming directly from the measuring units on the screen of your device.

User Friendly Reports

Save alignment reports in PDF, add photos of the unit, the company logo and work notes when necessary


Simplify the measurements by selecting the machine location relative to an operator.

Shims Calculator

Allows user simulate changes in alignment results with virtual movement of the machine in horizontal and vertical planes.


When it's necessary to change the position of the laser units or change the position of the laser on the detector during the measurement, you have to use feature the Smart Shift


Bluetooth 4.0
Distance Between Units up to 10 m (33 ft)
Laser Emission diode laser with wavelength 635nm, class II, < 1 mW
Dimensions 90mm x 60mm x 32mm (3.5 in x 2.3 in x 1.2 in)
Detector Receiver Length 30 mm (1.2 in)
Detector Resolution 0.001 mm
Protection Class IP67 (Dust-tight and protected against water)
Measurement Accuracy 0.3% ± 7um
Operating Temperature from -10oC to +55oC (14 to 122oF) from -10oC to +55oC (14 to 122oF)
Operating Time up to 20 hours
Detector Type latest generation of industrial linear detector
Ex Certification (option) EACEx in accordance with Customs Union Technical Regulation TP TC 012/2011. Harmonized with UL as per

What is in case

Hard Case

Measuring Unit M
Standart V-bracket

10 inch Android Tablet

Measuring Unit S
Standart V-bracket

Cable USB 2.0

Measuring Tape

Extention rods 120mm

International adapter

Extention chains